Custom Drone Solutions

We create drone solutions specifically optimised to solve your problem – we don’t just shoehorn in inappropriate systems. For instance, an ideal system for aerial surveying is actually quite different to one for aerial video/photography, despite what many drone companies will attempt to sell you. Solutions to your problems, not vice-versa!

Battery capacity up to

Solutions, not just Systems

We provide solutions, not merely systems. Want to perform aerial surveying? We get the data into your AT software and even your GIS software, not just presented to you as a giant dump. Want to operate a video-drone with live-streaming to YouTube? We can set up the whole thing transparently. Need to inspect a power-line? We can provide you with tools to perform the entire thing with no manual intervention and no pesky real-time video-feed to monitor – just a final output in one easy-to-examine piece. The holistic approach, without any kale!


Safety First

Safety is our by-word. We pride ourselves on carefully designing solutions allowing for safe, completely automated flight. This covers everything from the flight control algorithms to our choices of hardware and failsafe settings. We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to safety. Plus, we actually realise you may want to fly a system for longer than a few weeks – we are very picky when it comes to reliability and don’t ship untested systems. Safety. Security. Sensibility.

Assured Support

Got a problem with one of our products, or even just an inquiry? Give us a buzz. We act on feedback from our clients, and we always want to push the very state-of-the-art with both the quality of our products and the use-cases. Plus, we want to help you make more and more use of our systems going forward – not just make the sale and then run away! Be on the cutting edge, not the bleeding edge!